Epic Racers: Superstars is the second installment to the Epic Racers series.

Game ModesEdit


Weapons/Pick-up itemsEdit

  • TBA

Starter CharactersEdit

Unlockable CharactersEdit

  • Penny
  • King.Icicle
  • Omar(The Polarbear)
  • Laura
  • Agent.Kidstone
  • Grandma.Jones
  • Manabu
  • Rex(The Puppy)
  • Dino(The Dinosaur)
  • Mona(The Monkey)
  • Baby.Blinestein
  • Candy
  • Dr.Lunatic
  • Stitches


Cupcake Cup
"Tree Circuit"
"Love Beach"
"Dog Park"
"Egypt Showdown"
"Moonlight Skyscraper"
Gladiator Cup
"Darn Dirty Desert"
"Shadow Cemetery"
"Penguin Island"
"Blizzard Kingdom"
"Ice Cream Land"
Epic Cup
"ShipDock Cannon"
"Volcano Land"
"Dino Island"
"Moonlight City"
"Epic Stadium"
Superstar Cup